in the bathroom

AQUA, the new family of ROBOTBAS smart showers

In September 2018 ROBOTBAS and SEDAL reached a collaboration agreement for the development of new devices focused on improving the user experience in
the bathroom and optimizing water and energy consumption. Thanks to this collaboration, ROBOTBAS presents its new family of intelligent showers AQUA.

With the new ROBOTBAS intelligent showers, the bathroom becomes part of the entire domotic system of the room, providing the guest with comfort and, at the same time, optimizing and reducing the consumption of water and energy.

Special functions

Para mejorar la experiencia de usuario con funciones preestablecidas o personalizables desde la app móvil como por ejemplo:

Warm Up

This function allows you to reach the desired temperature before
the guest get in the shower.

Fill bath

System configuration that allows to fill the bath at the set temperature and level automatically. With this function, water consumption is optimized, since the shower adjusts the water temperature during filling without wasting water, by taking advantage of the cold water at the start.


Executes water sequences combining temperature, flow and water jets.


If the shower has LED lighting, the activation of this option allows you to enjoy and stimulate sensations with a therapy that combines water and colors.


In case that the bathroom has adjustable intensity lights, from the shower control you can activate a relaxing scene by reducing the intensity of the lights.

Do not disturb

By selecting this option the user can indicate to the room service the “Do not disturb” function by activating it from the shower.


Some of the advantages of AQUA are:


Insuperable comfort

It has a thermostatic system that allows to maintain the constant temperature and water flow throughout the shower, regardless of the pressure variations of the installation.

Control of water consumption

Temperature and water flow limits can be established, reducing the cost of operation and guaranteeing a responsible consumption of natural resources.

Water consumption monitoring

ROBOTBAS smart shower integrates cold and hot water meters, allowing to record and analyze the water and energy consumption of each room.