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ROBOTBAS provides installation, commissioning, maintenance and remote support services for building automation systems, offering customers the option of getting a turnkey project. Thanks to its involvement in works from the project design all the way to commissioning, ROBOTBAS has gained experience over the years allowing us to keep improving and anticipating the needs of each installation.

  • Commissioning: ROBOTBAS supervises and verifies the installation of its system, configures it and confirms that it is working properly before the establishment opens its doors to the general public.
  • Turnkey project: This is the most comprehensive installation service that ROBOTBAS offers its clients, as we handle the proposal and installation of the Building Management System, aside from configuring it and confirming that it works properly.
  • Maintenance: ROBOTBAS provides training for the facility maintenance technicians on the use and maintenance of the control systems during the commissioning of the installation. But if the clients prefer to leave this job in the capable hands of ROBOTBAS, we also offer an additional maintenance service that includes making modifications to SCADA or the automation programme and checking the installation, as well as preventive and corrective actions for its smooth operation.
  • Remote support: the newest ROBOTBAS support service is a remote support service that includes the configuration of our clients equipment, as well as the necessary software updates, from our headquarters.


What differentiates the ROBOTBAS building automation systems from others is that we are experts at making everything so much easier for everyone in the least amount of time possible, with minimal resources and in a very efficient way. What’s more, all ROBOTBAS products come with a 5-year warranty.