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ROBOTBAS is a brand of Robot, S.A. which offers products and services for building automation. In contrast to our competitors, ROBOTBAS provides a comprehensive solution that coordinates all phases of the value chain, from the design, manufacture and marketing of products, to installation, commissioning and maintenance, thus offering our customers an all-around service tailored to their needs.

The ROBOTBAS Building Automation System brings together industrial control with room control, making it possible to manage the joint operation of all hotel areas, from industrial areas to public areas, the spa or rooms, in real time and from one single control centre.

Specialising in hotels, the ROBOTBAS building control systems provide data updated every second, such as room occupancy or the HVAC system, among others, enabling the application of advanced control criteria, achieving better performance and, consequently, significant savings in operating costs.

The expansion strategy of ROBOTBAS rests on two key pillars: the opening of new markets, thanks to our Partners Programme, and our commitment to developing new technologies with our R&D department.



 Advantages of the ROBOTBAS comprehensive solution


  • Comprehensive solution for the entire value chain: design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service.
  • Joint operation of all building control systems, from industrial control to room control, in real time and from one single system.
  • Customisation of functions and products based on customer needs.
  • Easy installation, with plug-and-play equipment requiring no configuration, simple device replacement and minimal wiring.
  • Simple maintenance suitable for non-specialised staff.
  • Expert advisory services from the professionals who developed the systems, providing our customers with specialist support.
  • Operating cost savings thanks to comprehensive management of the installations and immediate control over the automation systems’ performance.
  • Great service reliability as proven by its 35 years of experience and more than 600 projects completed—of which 95% belong to the hotel industry.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • One single point of contact that gives customers greater ease in project management and maintenance.
  • Solutions designed for every need, whether for hotels, hospitals, public buildings and centres, businesses, warehouses and industrial buildings.


Get to know the ROBOTBAS building automation products.


ROBOTBAS offers solutions for industrial control, room and common area control, and façade animation.


We provide installation, commissioning, maintenance and remote support services for building automation systems, offering customers the option of getting a turnkey project.