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We are experts in building automation systems

ROBOTBAS provides installation, commissioning, maintenance and remote support services for building automation systems, offering customers the option of getting a turnkey project.


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The ROBOTBAS team supervises the installation, moving to the work site, and once it is completed, verifies the operation of the system and its devices.

When the establishment is ready to open its doors to general public, the technicians of ROBOTBAS configure the whole system and certify its operation, guaranteeing a perfect use in full guarantee.

Turnkey project

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The turnkey project it is the most complete installation option for our clients, starting with the project proposal and nstallation of the systems. Once approved, ROBOTBAS is in charge of installing the building control system through the Integra company, installing all the auxiliary devices and components.

When the installation is finished, it is checked again before the complete system configuration is done. Finally, the operation is certified before the building starts working.

If you are interested in us carrying out the installation of your project, you can contact Integra Smart Facilities.


puesta en marcha de los sistemas de robotbas

Once the building automation system is put into operation, the hotel’s technical service receives training from ROBOTBAS to facilitate its management and maintenance, making they able to solve any anomaly without external help.

Even so, if the client wishes, he can contract the maintenance service to ROBOTBAS, which guarantees the customer modifications of the SCADA or the automation program, installation reviews and preventive and corrective actions of the system, guaranteeing the client a comprehensive and confortable service that prolongs the life of your building.

Remote support

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The monitoring of the system and all its parts, can be done from a ROBOTBAS remote assistance service that allows the configuration of the installation equipment, and the necessary software updates, from our headquarters.

This possibility facilitates the maintenance and control of the systems to customers and their technical services, ensuring a direct attention from the system’s manufacturers.

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