Air quality sensor that allows to know the state of the air in closed rooms by color lighting alerts.

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The Airea air quality sensor allows to know the state of the air in closed rooms. By color lighting, Airea indicates the need to ventilate the space, depending on the level of CO2 (as the main indicator):

  • Green lighting: the CO2 value is at normal levels.
  • Yellow lighting: air quality is declining. It is recommended to ventilate the space as soon as possible.
  • Red lighting: the CO2 level has reached the maximum recommended and it is urgent to ventilate the room. After a while, if the space has not been ventilated, an acoustic signal will be activated warning of the urgency to ventilate.

The thresholds that define what color the air quality level corresponds to are customizable through the Airea Sensor platform. By default, Airea comes preconfigured with thresholds that guarantee the air quality levels defined by the health authorities.

In the Airea Sensor platform, the levels of CO2, TVOC, temperature and relative humidity of the environment of the registered Airea devices are monitored. Through the WiFi connection, all this data can be stored in the cloud for later analysis, which allows to know behavior patterns and take preventive measures that allow maintaining the air quality of each room in the best possible conditions.

Although this device is perfect for all types of environments, it has been specially designed for spaces where different people live together and that require continuous ventilation such as: schools, universities, hospitals, geriatrics, offices, shops, restaurants and hotels.

Consult more information or the explanatory videos.

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