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The new air quality sensor

To respond to the needs caused by covid-19, ROBOTBAS has created, in collaboration with the Grup de Recerca de Construccions Arquitectòniques i Enginyeria de Edificació of the University of the Balearic Islands, the Airea air quality sensor, which allows knowing the state of the air indoor and minimizing the increase in energy consumption in heating due to the new ventilation recommendations.

Through colour lighting, Airea indicates the need to ventilate the space in which it is located, depending on the level of CO2 (as the main indicator).

The thresholds that define which colour the air quality level corresponds to, are customizable through the Airea Sensor platform. By default, Airea comes preconfigured with thresholds that guarantee the air quality levels defined by the health authorities.

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Easy to use

AIREA indicates air quality according to three colours:

Good air quality

The green colour indicates that the CO2 value is at normal levels.

Poor air quality

This yellow colour indicates that the air quality is declining and therefore it is recommended to ventilate the space as soon as possible.

Bad air quality

It turn on red when the CO2 level has reached the recommended maximum and it is urgent to ventilate the room. After a while, if the space has not been ventilated, an acoustic signal will be activated warning of the urgency to ventilate.
Airea sensor de aire airea-sensor-calidad-aire

Tranquility & security

Although this device is perfect for all types of buildings, it has been specially designed for spaces where different people live together and that require continuous ventilation such as:









esquema de airea sensor de aire
Infrared CO2 sensor that allows to measure the real concentration of CO2 in ppm.
Wi-Fi connection with the cloud, historical record and multiplatform access.
High-power digital omnidirectional RGB lighting and integrated buzzer.
Connection to the electrical network through an external power supply (incorporated).
Temperature and relative humidity sensor.

Monitoring and registration


Airea monitors the levels of CO2 and TVOC as well as the temperature and relative humidity of the environment. Through its WiFi connection, it allows all this data to be stored in the cloud, for later analysis, allowing to know behavior patterns and take preventive measures that allow maintaining the air quality of each room in the best possible conditions.

Some of our clients plataform

Data monitoring

Monitor CO2 and TVOC levels as well as ambient temperature and relative humidity, and download results reports.

Historical record

Consult the data recorded in the cloud by your Airea via Wi-Fi connection, to analyze and know the behavior guidelines and thus take preventive measures.

Parameter customization

Select the brightness level of your Airea between three levels and activate or deactivate the sound alert of the device.

Email alerts

Activate email alerts when sensor has poor air quality.

Share the measurement of your Airea sensor on screens or through a QR code

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