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Large buildings are responsible for more than 40% of energy consumption. In this type of installations, energy consumption makes up a high share of the building’s maintenance and operating costs. What’s more, increasing environmental awareness and new energy regulations promoted by the European Union call for efficient management of the resources consumed by these large consumers. 

The R7000 series was created as the solution to all these problems. A new series of devices designed to work together, forming one single building automation system specifically for the management of large installations.


What is the R7000 series?

The R7000 series represents a technological breakthrough in energy management for large buildings. ROBOTBAS has managed to apply the most robust industrial technology on the market to its building automation system, simplifying its installation and maintenance.

The SiSLink communication bus is a protocol designed by ROBOT, S.A. and based on the CAN (Controller Area Network) industrial communications standard developed by the German company BOSCH. The SiSLink bus makes it possible to communicate and synchronise all installation elements of a large building (boilers, HVAC system, lighting, etc.) in real time, and ensuring maximum energy efficiency every second.





What types of buildings are already using the R7000 series?




Value proposition of the R7000 series

  1. One single automation system for the entire building. The R7000 series allows the mechanical room to be operated in accordance with the needs of all the rooms in the building, leading to optimal performance.
  1. Easy installation and maintenance. The R7000 series has been specially designed to be installed and maintained by staff with non-specialist training.
  1. Reliability and durability. The R7000 series incorporates extensively verified industrial technology, translating into a lower failure rate and a longer useful life for the system.