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Today, March 5, we celebrate the world day of energy efficiency. In an increasingly mentalized society, alternatives to reduce energy consumption are becoming more numerous and popular.

Building well-insulated homes, using LED lights or turning off devices that are not used are some of the most popular social measures, but what about the large facilities?

Building automation systems such as those of ROBOTBAS allow to reduce the resources of the installation, reduce the energy production costs that, in the case of hotels, can reach up to 30% of operating costs.

The industrial control systems allow to define the different consumptions, such as production in boilers, chillers or air conditioners among others, and anticipate the peaks of production. The property has multiple parameters to manage energy consumption.

With room control such as motion sensors, the presence of guests in a hotel room is controlled. With this information, temperature and lighting can enter into low consumption mode, reducing the energy cost in unoccupied rooms, as we installed at the Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa.

Also, the property of the building can control the management of the room temperature, establishing to the users a maximum and minimum temperature of control, assuring at all times they will enjoy a nice temperature according to their preferences without out of control (especially when there is nobody in the room).

Caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility, you just must choose the most appropriate measures to reduce energy consumption.

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