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The high demand of consumers forces hotels to adapt and respond to the new needs of the guests. It is not enough just to offer an adequate service, so that users choose your hotel you have to go further and think about what services can make the difference with the competition.

We live in a society where technology is fully established in our day to day: we can’t live without a mobile (with internet connection of course) and our houses are increasingly the domotic. Users want to control their environment in an easy and intuitive way, and to be able to be from the screen of your mobile device.

To respond to these needs, ROBOTBAS has the “Room Control” application, which allows hotel guests to interact with their room directly from their iOS or Android mobile.

The application of ROBOTBAS allows you to control the hotel room by bluetooth

The objective is to allow customers to control the lighting of the room according to their needs: on and off, intensity and colour of the lights. In addition, it offers the possibility of modifying the temperature or intensity of the air conditioning.

It is not just about facilitating the control of users, but about creating new experiences. Personalization and technology come together to offer guests services that go beyond their expectations.

To all this we must add that we live in a society increasingly concerned about the environment. The interest of the hotel chains for energy efficiency is trendy, and currently they prefer to invest in the restyle of their facilities instead of allocating resources to the new construction.

In the last three years investments in hotel reforms have exceeded 3,100 million euros, so that currently 17% of hotels in Spain are new or have been renovated. These renovations aim to respond to the new demands of customers, specially in terms of technology, a sector that constantly evolves, rather than the maintenance of buildings due to deterioration.

If we add the comfort of the “Room Control” application, which allows guests greater control over the resources they are generating, and ROBOTBAS industrial and room control building automation systems, the consumption of hotel resources can be reduced to by 30%.

Guests will find in our application a multitude of options that will make their stay more comfortable and entertaining.

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