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The TUI Blue Victoria Menorca, a renowned hotel located on the beautiful island of Menorca, has taken a bold step towards modernizing its facilities. This hotel is known for its stunning location with beautiful sea views, high-quality services, and luxurious amenities.

In collaboration with our automation company, significant improvements have been implemented in various areas of the hotel. In the rooms, comprehensive control has been carried out, including climate management using the white glass FD7555 JLS WW display, providing guests with greater control of the climate in their rooms. Additionally, efficient occupancy control has been implemented with white MD7310 devices in the bedroom and MD7315 in the bathroom, ensuring effective use of lighting and energy resources.

In the hotel’s common areas, climate control and advanced lighting management have been performed. Lighting control has been achieved using DALI luminaires, a protocol that allows the configuration of devices to operate individually or in groups without requiring changes to the wiring infrastructure.

Furthermore, in the industrial sector, the installer Integra Smart Facilities, a part of the Robot Group, has played a crucial role in the implementation of control systems, particularly in the production of cold and heat, contributing to the operational and energy efficiency of the hotel.

This transformation at TUI Blue Victoria Menorca represents a significant step forward in the hotel’s commitment to excellence and sustainability, without neglecting the improvement of the guest experience. The second phase of this project, which will include room services indicators in guest rooms, is scheduled for 2024.

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