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The Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa, a five-star luxury oasis located on the vibrant island of Ibiza, has taken a significant step towards the efficiency and comfort of its guests in its latest renovation. With its renowned architectural beauty and top-notch services, the hotel is a gem in the heart of the island.

In this automation project, our company has implemented comprehensive control in various areas of the hotel. In the guest rooms, the guest experience has been enhanced with a sophisticated occupancy control system. MD7310 detectors in rooms and MD7315 in bathrooms, ensure efficient use of lighting and energy resources. In addition, climate control has been added with the white glass FD7555 JLS WW display, compatible with the LS990 series, allowing guests to customize the temperature according to their preferences.

In the common areas of the hotel, a lighting control system has been installed, specifically in the lobby and restaurant areas where a brightness sensor is used, and an outdoor twilight sensor activates the lighting when it gets dark. In addition to air conditioning units in the sports bar, reception, offices, dining area, and lounge, a BA7222 curtain actuator has been installed to optimize the entry of natural light. This is complemented by an advanced control system for lighting and climate, creating a pleasant environment for all visitors.

In the industrial area of this hotel, a comprehensive and rigorous control has been carried out, ensuring the proper operation and optimization of various critical installations. This includes the management of cooling plants, heat exchangers, heat recovery for air conditioning, boilers with 2 heat exchangers for domestic hot water (DHW), domestic hot water (DHW) systems, air handling units, and lighting systems. This integration ensures efficient operation of the industrial facilities, contributing to resource savings and extending the machinery’s lifespan.

The incorporation of this advanced automation system at the Palladium Palace Ibiza reflects the hotel’s commitment to continually improving the guest experience and responsibly managing resources. This step marks a milestone in the evolution of hospitality on the island of Ibiza.

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