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Today we are going to talk to you again about a project that we have recently carried out in an office complex. MAC Hotels, with whom we worked last year to automate their new hotel, the MAC Hotel Paradiso Garden, have once again trusted us to carry out an update of the air conditioning system of their offices in Mallorca.

MAC Hotels, a hotel group created in the early 1980s, has its offices in Mallorca located in the Polígono de Son Castelló de Palma. To automate the climate of your facilities, we use the RC7610 controllers and install the FD7555 JLS W climate control displays, devices made of white Gorilla Glass with anti-fingerprint treatment, and with the frames of the LS990 series.

In the Balearic Islands, one of the autonomous communities with the highest humidity index, it is very important to offer a comfortable room temperature at workplaces. With ROBOTBAS systems, workers will be able to consult the current temperature and customize it according to their preferences in each space.

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