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The Puro Hotel, located in the old town of Palma, is a recently renovated boutique hotel that offers its guests great design and comfort, as well as access to two of the best beachclubs on the island. For the reform of this hotel, ROBOTBAS has participated in the industrial control, and the lighting and air conditioning of the common areas of the building.

The control of the two boilers of this hotel allows to regulate the temperature of the set point to optimize the energy saving of the installation, while the advantage of the control of the two heat pumps allows that, outside the summer and winter regimes , a comfortable temperature can be established for guests.

ROBOTBAS industrial control systems allow a control for the prevention of legionella, causing a thermal shock that sets the temperature of the DHW accumulators at 70ºC at a time of low consumption, mostly at dawn.

In addition, among other controls, we have placed temperature probes in the cold rooms that allow errors to be detected and warned by means of alarms such as, for example, if a door is left open, ensuring the preservation of food.

A series of “invisible” controls for the guest that guarantee a pleasant and safe stay.

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