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Our CSO Edmundo Soares da Silva, together with our ROBOTBAS Lead Engineer Marc Capó, attended a training together with our partner Elda Fashion from Grupo Novelec about the benefits of domotics and building automation systems to reduce energy consumption in tourist facilities.

The training held at the Iberostar Parque Central Hotel was attended by different hotel chains, experts from the Group of the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Cuba and university professors who could, in addition to listening to the different presentations, compare the operation of the old R6000 series in one of the old rooms of the Iberostar Parque Central, with the advantages of the current R7000 series of ROBOTBAS installed in a pilot room of the same hotel. Attendees thus checked the performance and improvements of the latest developments in ROBOTBAS automation systems, which allow to optimize the production of resources and achieve energy savings.

In addition, our colleagues took advantage of the trip to visit the Automatic Engineering facilities of the CUJAE University of Cuba by the hand of the teacher Ivón Oristela, where they could check the automation projects that their students were doing and talk about possible future synergies.

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