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ROBOTBAS R7000 series for building automation systems, was originated to respond to environmental needs and the new energy regulations that were emerging in this regard.

The new technological advance provided by the R7000 has managed to unify the most robust industrial technology with building automation systems, offering our customers a complete series of products with five great advantages:

  1. The R7000 products are designed to work together, forming a unique system specialized in the management of large buildings: the machine rooms work according to demand, optimizing the performance of the entire installation and reducing power consumption.
  2. Thanks to the communication of the SiSLink bus of ROBOTBAS, the communication of the elements of the installation (boilers, chillers, HVAC, lighting, etc.) is synchronized in real time.
  3. All the mechanisms can be controlled from a single equipment, offering a complete vision of the consumption and state of the machinery and devices.
  4. The simplification of the installation and maintenance can be carried out by personnel with non-specialized training. In this way, the processes are faster because you don’t require the transfer of external staff.
  5. The industrial technology of the R7000 series is highly reliable and durable, guaranteeing a lower failure rate and, therefore, an increase in the useful life of the system.

ROBOTBAS, with the R7000 series, allows large buildings to manage their resources in a more efficient way, considerably reducing maintenance and exploitation costs.

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