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Advantages of upgrading the R6000 series to the R7000 series of ROBOTBAS

Nov. 21, 2019 | ROBOTBAS


One of the main projects that we are carrying out with different hotel companies is the renewal of the R5000 and R6000 series by the R7000 series.

While it is true that the previous series continue working, the new R7000 series offers great technological advantages that are very useful for building management, such as:

  • An updated operating system with faster operation.
  • The possibility of making modifications to the program.
  • It allows remote control from our facilities, facilitating the technical assistance service.

In addition, the R7000 series products are the only ones compatible with the Business Intelligence tools that we will launch in 2020, which will offer the possibility of analyzing energy consumption data and obtaining comparative statistics that help reduce operating costs.

All these advantages, added to the 5-year warranty, are leading some of our customers to update their building automation systems with the R7000 series. If you want more information about all the advantages, do not hesitate to contact us.



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