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Generate a great visual impact in your hotel with a façade animation

Nov. 14, 2018 | ROBOTBAS

One of the most creative solutions of ROBOTBAS is the façade animation. With our lighting system, the hotel can establish the intensity and color of its façade, creating totally customized chromatic choreographies atractive specially at night.

Some hotels already enjoy the façade lighting of ROBOTBAS, such as the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel or the THB Naeco Ibiza Hotel among others.

With the dimerization control and the color of the façade, themed illuminations can be designed, such as the use of corporate colors or specific colors for events (design of flags, breast cancer day or gay pride day among others) .

The façade animation allows to create dynamic designs, playing with shapes and colors in degraded, cascade, cyclic, color wheels, water or fire effects, using default colors or customed colors.

In addition, the light intensity can be synchronized to the natural light outside, allowing that when it gets dark the façade illumination takes intensity.

The hotel has the ability to grant guests the control of the lighting of the façade outside of set times.

If you are looking for a quality façade animation with multiple possibilities, ROBOTBAS can solve your needs whatever your project may be.



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