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ROBOTBAS is the result of a long tradition in tourism on the Balearic Islands and the need to automate hotels, manage resources and reduce operating costs. Throughout the course of its more than 35 years of history and 600 automation projects completed all over the world—of which 95% correspond to resorts and hotels—ROBOTBAS has gradually developed a product that satisfies the needs of both the property and the hotel guests.

ROBOTBAS products offer systems for industrial control of installations, as well as for the use and control of rooms and common areas, with the possibility of managing and controlling the HVAC, lighting and industrial area installations, thanks to their specialised controllers and the information provided by the motion, brightness, relative humidity and temperature sensors.

In addition, we offer façade animation, offering the property control over lighting intensity and colour of lighting, with the ability to create customised choreographies full of colour.


Major clients of ROBOTBAS

We work with large Spanish hotel brands that have an international presence, including chains such as Palladium Hotel Group, Meliá Hotels International, Iberostar Group, Riu Hotels & Resorts, Barceló Hotel Group, Hotels Viva, Zafiro Hotels, Hotusa Group or THB Hotels, among others, and with major international hotel chains such as Hyatt, Hilton or Hard Rock.

Another of our major spheres of influence is the Caribbean area, with projects in countries such as Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cuba, as well as other South American destinations such as Brazil and Peru.



Advantages for hotels working with ROBOTBAS

Our solutions are the direct result of common problems that hotels have. Some of the advantages of working with ROBOTBAS are:

  • Reduction in operating costs. Thanks to the management and control of resource production, it’s possible to lower costs by up to 30%. The energy savings that result are also a testament to great environmental commitment.
  • Simplification of system maintenance. The simplicity of use and replacement of the systems allows the hotel to maintain the automation systems of its building with non-specialist staff.
  • Technological differentiation. ROBOTBAS offers distinctive products at the forefront of the latest innovations, giving the hotel a modern image and greater comfort to guests.
  • Ease of use. The interface used to control the systems is intuitive, making it easy for users to understand its functions right from the start.
  • Enhanced brand image. As ROBOTBAS is in charge of the entire value chain process, including the design and production of the products, we offer customers the possibility of customising the devices’ finishes and imagery in keeping with the design of the hotel.
  • Receiving usage information from the hotel. The ROBOTBAS automation systems offer hotels valuable information on the usage and consumption of water, temperature and presence on the premises. It goes without saying that such information can be used, among other things, to optimise performance and the operating costs of the hotel.
  • Presence and accessibility to ROBOTBAS professionals. Our experts monitor each project closely, maintaining close contact with the client from the outset, providing quick, friendly service.
  • Excellent customer service. We guarantee quick response times in the case of incidents and failures.