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More than 36 years innovating, developing and installing automation systems

Robot, S.A. is the company that develops and markets products under the ROBOTBAS brand. An expert in the manufacture of building control systems, Robot launched ROBOTBAS in October 2018 with the aim of differentiating the brand within its expansion plan.

Since February 2018, Robot, S.A. has been listed on the Spanish Alternative Stock Market, also known as MAB. The company's excellent prospects make it an interesting choice for investors and future offices around the world, which will pave the way for its growth and expansion.

Client satisfaction is its ultimate goal, which is why it offers products and solutions created and developed by its own team, and produced at its own factory, making it possible to provide solutions according to client needs.

To learn more about Robot S.A.—the company to which ROBOTBAS belongs—, you can visit its corporate website.