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The Hotel Helios Mallorca has recently carried out a renewal of its ROBOTBAS BMS products, going from the R5000 series to the R7000 series. Specifically, there has been an update in the TIR integrated terminals, which had a metallic enclosure, SiSnet bus and were installed in surface panels, while the R7000 series uses Tiny Controls with an updated enclosure and SiSLink bus, which are installed in an electrical panel of DIN rail.

These new control devices are more compact and modern with a greater input and output management capacity, which allows greater control and monitoring of the connected devices. In addition, they allow integration with third-party control systems.

The control and measurement of the operation from a single platform simplifies maintenance and improves the functionality of the systems, while improving the energy efficiency of the building.

With this update, the Helios Can Pastilla hotel has a 5-year guarantee on all products purchased, and the peace of mind of having opted for a functional and reliable system.

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