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ROBOTBAS has more than 36 years of experience in technical installations. Every industrial control system is aimed at providing solutions for the specific needs of every customer, offering specialised products, simplifying their use and maintenance, and integrating them into the rest of the installation's control systems.


Advantages of the ROBOTBAS industrial control systems

1. Products designed using robust technology, specifically created for industrial environments.

2. ROBOTBAS incorporates a front keypad that simplifies the wiring of equipment.

3. Possibility of integration with any equipment via Modbus/TP or Modbus/IP.

4. Tailored solutions: the alarms, graphics, SCADA and the regulating program can be customised on the client's request.

5. Instant feedback from the rooms, which makes it possible to work as one single block and thus forecast, manage and control resource consumption in the machine room.

6. Control of all components of the installation from one single system, simplifying supervision and maintenance.