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Ease of installation and maintenance

System maintenance is very simple. Thanks to the C3 bus technology developed by Robot, the room devices are easy to install—plug and play at its best. In addition, communication of the devices through the C3 bus instead of connecting all of them to the central device makes it possible to significantly reduce the amount of wiring necessary, reducing costs and simplifying their assembly.

The software is configured using forms, with the possibility of establishing different levels of user roles. Using Quicklook, you can get an overview of all the rooms in real time.

All this facilitates both the installation process and maintenance, as the facility's own technical team can manage the system. ROBOTBAS also provides its customers with maintenance and remote support services for extra peace of mind for owners, if necessary.


Customisation of elements

ROBOTBAS mechanisms are compatible with Jung, Bticino, Niessen and Simon, enabling the unification of the design and image of the hotel. Likewise, our own manufacturing makes it possible for us to offer our clients imagery customised according to their needs and designs.


Hotel specialists

Room control systems are highly sought-after by hotel chains, as these allow control consumption in their establishments, optimising their resource production, and planning for their management. With the ROBOTBAS systems, hotels can specify the amount of control they give their guests with regard to the temperature and lighting in their rooms and, thanks to presence and relative humidity sensors, resource production can go on standby when the room is empty or when windows or doors to the outside are opened.

Room control makes it possible to manage the resources of a room, adapting to user demands, whether in a hotel room, office, operating room, lecture room, hallway, waiting room, reception area, etc.

The ROBOTBAS building management systems facilitate the control of HVAC, lighting, occupancy and relative humidity, helping to minimise the establishments’ general operating costs.



Capabilities of the Room and Common Area Controls

There are four elements of control inside a room:

  • Presence control. The algorithm developed by ROBOTBAS makes it possible to find out whether the room is occupied or not. Therefore, temperature and lighting can go on standby when the rooms are empty, and the hotel’s service staff will know the status of the room.
  • Temperature control. The displays can be managed by users to adjust room climate within certain parameters specified by the property. When the controller detects that the room is empty, it adopts energy savings mode, keeping the room temperature at a comfortable level with minimal consumption.
  • Lighting control. It’s possible to configure different lighting scenarios depending on the needs of every client. For example, a room entry scenario, another for reading, or another for resting, among others. As with the climate, when the controller determines that the room is empty, all lights will be switched off, thus keeping energy consumption to a minimum.
  • Relative humidity control. Relative humidity sensors make it possible to maintain room humidity levels at a pre-established percentage. When the user is not in the room, a dehumidification process is carried out, in order to avoid problems with mould or deterioration of furniture.