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We are a company engaged in the manufacture and commissioning of building control systems, specialising in hotels and resorts. We help our clients optimise their projects, from the planning of their installations, customisation of their elements and installation of the system, to its commissioning and maintenance or remote assistance.

We manufacture building control systems and our company is divided into two divisions (manufacturer and installer) which design, manufacture, install and maintain the systems we provide. Our aim is to optimise the operation of the installations, facilitate control, minimise consumption and anticipate changes in demand, while maintaining user comfort at all times.

Our modern facilities enable us to significantly increase production while hardly increasing costs, thus giving clients the best value for money compared to other building control systems on the market.

With ROBOTBAS, the technical staff of the installation controls the production and distribution of energy resources, even without being physically present at the hotel. In addition, they make it easier for guests to adjust the climate and lighting conditions in their rooms to suit their own needs.

Thanks to the experience acquired over the course of more than 36 years, ROBOTBAS offers the solution best suited to each type of establishment, ensuring the best comfort experience.